Lauren Moffatt

The Tulpamancer 2018
Web Performance and Immersive Video
Duration 10 mins

The Tulpamancer
A tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of and parallel to one’s own consciousness. A tulpa is able to think independently of its creator. It has its own dreams, desires and emotions. Tulpamancers are people who actively create tulpas and cultivate relationships with them. There is an active online community of tulpamancers, for instance at Tulpas subreddit, or, from which the above definition was paraphrased.
The Tulpamancer is a multi platform silent horror story that explores online identity, imaginary friends, instabots and the deep unknown chasms of digital life. The story reveals the silent world of an anonymous narrator whose fear of the water rising around her is mirrored by her terror at the obscure depths of the internet. She invents a personal mythology, a pantheon of imaginary friends to help her make sense of the turbulence inside her. However, soon she realises she has created an unstable environment within herself as her creations begin to mutate and grow. She must give her tulpas artificial life and release them into the same vast darkness that torments her in order to repair her mistake. 

© Lauren Moffatt 2018

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