Performance, Video, Object, 2010

︎ Video

A childlike figure wanders through a landscape alone, apparently lost or looking for something. The endless loop of the figure's backtracking and walking in circles is frustrating and pathetic, but the ritual itself is soothing.

The creature is wearing a dress made of paper and it creaks and rustles when it moves. The gumboots make hollow grunts when the figure takes a step. The thing wears a motorcycle helmet with the brand "eldorado" printed above its visor. Two cameras protruding outwards appear as eyes.
What the creature is seeing is shown through two narrow windows, one for each eye. The limited view seen from inside a dimly lit room offers little clue as to what the creature wants, except that this character cannot be too interested in what is going on outside. Otherwise wouldn't it be closer to the window?

Filmed and edited in Australia and France 2010-11, this short film is one of a series of works examining attention, perception, nonsensical rituals and the similarity between bodies and buildings.