Of Hybrids and Strings

Virtual Reality, 2021 

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In Of Hybrids and Strings we find ourselves in a moonlit forest, surrounded by incongruous plant species and strange creatures and confronted by a benevolent stranger who mimics our every move. Soon, the threads are woven around us, connecting organisms with each other and with ourselves. We intertwine with the environment. Slowly, a wave of strange geometries runs through the scaffolding of threads, transforming the landscape. We get caught up in its decelerating rhythm and are ultimately suspended in it.

The game environment in Of Hybrids and Strings is driven by data collected or transmitted from real ecosystems: the different events and other aspects such as colors, duration, and slowdown rate in the virtual environment are selected based on data related to factors such as birdsong, light spectrum, humidity, and temperatures observed in real biological environments. In this way, in Of Hybrids and Strings it is possible to experience an environment controlled by the non-human, a place where our environment affects us, and not the other way around.