The Oculist Reason 2014
Interactive Video Installation
No fixed duration (loop)
Produced with an EMARE residency grant administered by FACT Liverpool
Co-Produced by Kinicho

The Oculist Reason
The Oculist Reason is an interactive video installation, comprising an experimental 360° environment and a linear single-channel video, which investigates the transferral of physical space into the virtual realm. The work’s point of departure is a decaying mural in the former Unemployed and Trade Union Services Centre in Liverpool.
To make the documentation, 16mm film gathered in the building has been integrated into a digital scanning and modelling process in order to reproduce a virtual reproduction of the painting for viewers to explore. The Oculist Reason tells the story of the mural and the events depicted in it while opening up a line of questions about the viability of virtual archives and the prospects and difficulties for human connectedness in a tacit digital landscape.

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