"Lauren Moffatt engages in a kind of speculative digital fiction"

Tina Sauerlaender on Image Technology Echoes, Forbes.com, 2020

" Visually stunning... "

Marie Lechner on The Unbinding, La Libération, 2014

"In Lauren Moffatt’s VR installations, we enter an immersive realm of light, somewhere hybrid and fragmented, a poetry of space 2.0 - and this is just one way to interpret her work."

Alexandra Etienne, Coeur & Art, 2020

"I find the meaning very strong because it is based on how fragile emotions, feelings and memories are, and on maintaining this in the digital world."

George Vitale on Beyond the Rubicon, gallerytalk, 2018

"Lauren Moffatt’s “Not Eye,” taking on themes of surveillance, privacy, vision, and power, is one of the more traditional—but also more successful—experiences in the New Frontier installation."

Desi Gonzales on Not Eye, IndieWire, 2014

"...the shadows of the background slowly emerge, and the longer we look, the more contours, forms or living creatures we discover, as they arise and sink. That is what it is like experiencing Lauren Moffatt's The Tulpamancer."

Margit Emesz on The Tulpamancer, EIKON #108, 2019

"The moving image as encountered in an installation gets the viewer’s body involved. This resonates strongly with how we engage with it in our networked and media saturated environment."

Shari Frilot on Not Eye, NOWNESS, 2014

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